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We call ourselves Juiciful Creative because we love big, sweet, juicy ideas. We have a passion for and commitment to visual communication that is inspired, authentic and meaningful. We believe in the value of good design and equate it to a well told story. Mostly, we just love to make things.


Charmaine Martinez, graphic designer, type geek and wordsmith

Grew up in a series of strangely similar Air Force Bases scattered throughout the world. Especially enjoyed living on Guam. Is a stickler for details, both written and visual. Loves beautiful typography and the sound of the ocean. Brings dedication and perseverance to every project. Is quite creative with kale. Believes good design can make the world a better place. To that end, is trying to inspire the next generation of graphic designers with rigorous, yet nurturing instruction, at California Polytechnic State University in pastoral San Luis Obispo.

currently reading: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
can be spotted: biking to school with the kids
favorite citrus of the moment: Meyer lemons

Jeff Van Kleeck, photographer, videographer and concept guy

Hails from the lush and lovely Pacific Northwest. Had the good fortune to spend much of his teenage years working and playing at the Mt. Baker Ski Area. Loves communing with nature by running and carrying heavy photo equipment, sometimes at the same time. Is a big thinker and an even bigger dreamer. Always eager to take on new challenges, especially those involving power tools. Not particularly good with names, but runs really far and makes a mean pizza.

currently listening to: some random folky stuff + old school punk rock
can be spotted: running on trails and trying not to fall
favorite place for espresso: Spring Espresso Bar, Potts Point, NSW

Iain and Liliana, Junior Designers and Co-office Managers

iain_lils_2016Iain and Liliana are the inspiration behind all things Juiciful. They lend their creative energy and brilliant ideas to every project.